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General objective:

To improve the prevention of environmental and social risks related to maritime transport and the phases of movement and handling of dangerous goods that arrive to the Mediterranean commercial ports.

Specific objectives:

  • To extend the scope and to give value to the results of the transnational projects SECUR MED and AEM MED, strengthening the alliance established during Secur Med within the “Research, Information and Intervention Centers Network in the field of Maritime Safety” (ReCRIS), among Regional Governments, Harbour Master Offices, Port Authorities, Research Centres, Universities, etc., refining the methodologies and working tools resulting from previous experiences, and developing a common strategy and a series of specific actions that lead to the transnational cooperation network to formulate concrete propositions about main criticalities of transport safety, and translate them into concrete and feasible solutions.
  • To develop the ReCRIS Data Bank that analyzes vessel movements and dangerous goods flows, navigation control systems in the participant territories, repercussions of accidents on the environment of maritime and coastal areas in the territories of the partners and the application of the Port State Control Directive.
  • To conceive and to implement a new computer system capable to integrate data from partners’ information systems (VTS, AIS, MEHM, PAC, etc.) in order to feed the ReCRIS’ data base in real time.
  • To study in depth the adaptation work of the navigation control systems in order to contribute to the development of the European system SAFE SEA NET and to achieve a comparison at a transnational scale about the complex matter of legislation in the field of navigation safety.
  • To rise the operational standards of environmental and social safety for the whole maritime transport sector in the Mediterranean, involving both, Maritime and Port Authorities and local administrations and economic operators which, definitely, have got the legal authority to adopt models and procedures respectful with the environment, the safety of workers and the safety of the communities involved in transport flows. The main goal is to prevent risks and to increase safety at port environment, encouraging port, logistics and maritime transport companies to adopt socially responsible behaviors.

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Projet cofinancé par le Fonds Européen de Développement Régional

Project cofinanced by the European Regional Development Fund